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Looking to raise funds for your social enterprise? Remember to include the following information in your pitch deck.

You can read Part 1 here.

5. Conditions for impact investing

As stated in Part 1, impact investing pursues a double-bottom line: financial and societal return. Thus, SEs must prove that they can achieve both objectives to secure funding.

a. Business Viability

As impact investing looks for financial return, a viable business model would be an important guarantee for investors. There are several ways to solve a social issue, and social entrepreneurs must find the most feasible one to implement. …

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Demystifying the emerging field of “investing for good”.

1. Introduction

Social enterprises (SEs) are defined as organizations established to create societal impact. Unlike private organizations, SEs do not aim for profit maximization; financial viability and impact creation are equally important for the existence of SEs. Having this double-bottom line mission, SEs face several challenges. One of them is whether SEs could collect enough profit and secure investment to pay their costs and scale up.

Most SEs could not reach the profitability level required by traditional investors, hence failing to secure funding from these agents. As such, they have to rely…

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  1. What is human-centered design?

According to IDEO, human-centered design is the process in which we (as designers) understand stakeholders’ needs and create innovative solutions that can address those needs.

Human-centered design has three phases. The first phase is Inspiration, which focuses on understanding customers using several methods (e.g. interviews, guided tour, observation, etc). The second phase is Ideation in which we derive insights from the information collected in the first phase, brainstorm ideas, make rapid prototypes, test with users, get feedback, and iterate prototypes accordingly. …

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